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Temporary Tattoos Making Telekinesis and Telepathy Possible

Okay, so today I’m doing something a little different today and not writing about astronomy, because this blew my mind today instead.  We’ve all read/watched one science fiction book/program (Yeah Doctor Who!) where telekinesis or telepathy was possible.  Now even this is becoming possible in reality and is no longer science fiction.  One of my professors told us that once we believe that there is nothing to learn from science fiction we are no longer scientists.  It’s a hard statement to refute considering that many scientific realities were once considered science fiction.  Now temporary tattoos that contain flexible electronics can be applied to your forehead and  can interpret your brainwaves.  This can allow you to communicate electronically efficiently and silently.  These tattoos are less than the diameter of a single hair thick and are barely visible when placed on your skin. 

These tattoos can be modified so that it can measure skin temperature and blood oxygen levels.  They are also being used currently to watch for seizures common in premature babies, which can cause brain development issues.  This is also being expanded to military use, and they are actively working on a way to pilot planes using just the pilots thoughts.  While invasive brain surgery still remains the best option for those who can only communicate with their minds (ie people who’ve suffered brain damage, or are in a coma), this is a rapidly growing area of research with a lot of potential to supersede the invasive option. 

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